ECM Classika PID 81084 review


The ECM Classika PID 81084 is a high performance espresso machine is crafted for the homeowners who demand for quality with no cost restriction. The machine uses most of the components that are standardized to the commercial grade. The espresso machine has features of commercial models but offers a more modest price tag. The machine’s external impudently emphasizes the fact that no corners have been cut with the polished stainless steel frame. On top of this machine, the huge capacity cup tray railed on the machine acts a as a cup that is heated passively to warm the surface and may be removed in order to access the water reservoir. The removal of the tray allows the access to the adjustment screw of the pump pressure. As one makes the adjustments, they are able to monitor the changes using the gauge of the pump pressure gauge that is mounted on the machine’s front. Under the pressure gauge, the brew temperature is adjusted and monitored using the Classika PID temperature controller.



The Classika brews using a five liter stainless steel boiler and a vibration pump of high-performance. Like all the other ECM espresso machines, the interior plumbing evades using plastics such as Teflon in the favor of the copper tubing which have brass fittings. The included water reservoir is able to hold 3 liters of water. It is features a sensor which shuts the machine off at reduced volumes to avoid the running dry of the boiler. The benefit of brewing on the PID machine is that the temperature can be set to match the exact parameters one needs. This is important in the process of extracting given notes and also flavours from given coffees. The machine has a thermosyphone system that performs an important function in maintaining the machine’s temperature conditions. Steam and Hot water are dispensed via a shared wand which is located in the machine’s left side. Whether it is hot water or steam being dispensed, it is controlled by the steam switch which raises the temperature within the boiler when it is flicked on. The Classika uses the following in frothing; a commercial style, cappuccinos, two-hole steam tip which is ideal for crafting the lattes among other milk drinks. The ECM Classika PID 81084 definitely includes the features and quality that one can depend on.


The espresso machine has the following great features which facilitate its effectiveness

1. Liter Monitored Water Reservoir

The water reservoir has the capacity of 3 liters and has a sensor fitted in it that shuts the machine off at lower volume to ensure the machine does not run dry.

2. Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The Classika is contained in elegant stainless steel which is both tough and easy on eyes. The frame enhances the build quality and durability of the machine.

3. PID Temperature Controller

The temperature controller of the machine enables the user to monitor and also adjust the temperature of the water inside the boiler to make more appropriate brewing conditions.

4. Hot Water Wand and Insulated Steam

The dual purpose insulated hot water wand Helps in the prevention of accidental burns. The wand has a two-hole tip which is convenient for frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The hot water may be dispensed for the drinks such as cocoa and tea.

5. Balanced Portafilters

Among the first things one notices about the portafilter of the Classika is how balanced it is when felt in the hand. The end which is weighted balances the basket’s weight, keeping one from having to use the wrist for more support on it. The portafilter is made of a chrome-plated brass for raised temperature stability.

6. Copper Plumbing

The Classika features copper water tubing contrary to plastics such as teflon.


· The ability to adjust the temperatures of the steam is greatly advantageous.

· The espresso machine comes with single and also dual spout portafilters that are greatly balanced.


Indeed, the ECM espresso machines are popular for their quality of build. The Classika PID 81084 is a single boiler machine that has the E61 thermosyphone brew group as well as a half liter steel boiler that is stainless. It is pretty compact with a width of fewer than 10 inches moreover the temperature control system makes this machine great in its functions. If you dont like the ECM we recommend the Rancilio Silvia.

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